It seems that the PaleoBurn program is not available for sale online anymore and that the creators of this program try to update it and to offer a new version one day in the future. We will keep our original review of this program below just in case you will need it for some reason, however in the meantime we will recommend you checking other options such as Paleo Restart if you are looking for a very effective program that will help you to get the best weight loss results from the Paleo diet… Thank you and all the best!

Our original review

If you heard about the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System by Ken Burge and you wonder if this paleo diet program is really for you then check this page and find the real truth about the Paleo Burn program.

In this PaleoBurn review you will discover exactly what the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System is all about, what you are going to get when purchasing it, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this paleo diet program and more important, you’ll find out if Ken Burge’s system is really the perfect weight loss solution FOR YOU or not.

Don’t believe to these reviews online that promise to you “easy and 100% guaranteed results” or something like that by using the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System, it is simply far from the truth.

Like any other paleo diet program, Paleo Burn has its benefits and drawbacks and if you want to make sure that Ken Burge’s fat loss system is really the best choice in your case, then we will strongly recommend to take a look at our detailed review below and to find out the things you must know about PaleoBurn before spending your money on it.

Without further ado, let’s start with the basics…


What Is PaleoBurn?


Created by Ken Burge, PaleoBurn is a new weight loss system that is based on the paleolithic diet idea which is usually known as the “caveman style diet”.

In general, the paleolithic diet concept is all about changing your lifestyle by restricting particular foods and completely eliminating others, while still enjoying some of your favorite foods. The real focus is about consuming lots of protein and only few carbs by sticking to the idea that if the cavemen was not able to get things like a processed oil you should not get them either.

The concept of the caveman style diet is not new and we saw several other programs that use the same concept before, however this kind of diet is usually more complicated than the “regular” diet programs and if you won’t know exactly what you are doing you will probably don’t get any results at all.

This problem was the major reason that leads Ken Burge to create his program and it is actually the main idea behind the PaleoBurn Fat Burner System: to give the user a step-by-step easy to follow paleo diet program that shows exactly what should be done in order to get the best weight loss results from the caveman style diet.

In order to deliver the promised results Ken Burge included several components inside the Paleo Burn system and listed below are the main guides and items that you find inside his package.

What Is Included Inside The PaleoBurn Package:

  • “The Main PaleoBurn Fat Burner System Guide” that contains all the tips and advice by Ken Burge about the caveman style diet and how to use it properly in order to lose more weight faster and without hours of boring exercises every week.
  • “The PaleoBurn Quick Start Guide” that contains the most important topics from the main guide that will allow you to start following the PaleoBurn program as soon as possible.
  • “The PaleoBurn Food List Guide” that contains the most recommended foods which trigger the fat loss hormone reaction and can help you to lose more weight compared to other foods.
  • “The PaleoBurn Fat Burning Cookbook” that contains more than 70 recipes of healthy fat burning meals that can be done at home in quite a short time and without expensive ingredients.
  • “The PaleoBurn Fat Burner System audio version” that simply contains all the information inside the PaleoBurn main guide in audio format for people who prefer listening to Ken Burge’s advice on the go.
  • The “PaleoBurn Workout Videos and Interactive Food List Application” that contains step-by-step videos which cover the most important topics inside the PaleoBurn program such as the PaleoBurn Fat Burner Nutrition Plan, the PaleoBurn Interactive Food List and the PaleoBurn Workout Video Library.

PaleoBurn Fat Burner System

The Pros And Cons Of PaleoBurn


The Pros


  • PaleoBurn is based on the paleo diet concept diet which is a great solution for people who want to lose weight and to stop eating unhealthy foods at the same time.
  • There is no need to count calories or measure portions with the PaleoBurn fat burner system which makes it less complicated.
  • Contains easy to follow directions which are really great especially for people who have virtually no experience at all in the weight loss field.
  • Very comprehensive paleo diet system that is accompanied by step-by-step videos for much easier learning process.
  • The PaleoBurn package comes with great bonuses that are related to the main PaleoBurn guide and provide real value to the users.
  • PaleoBurn combines nutrition advice with exercise routines in order to achieve better weight loss results. In addition, the Workout Video Library of Paleo Burn contains different workouts for beginners and for advanced users, something that we personally like.
  • Ken Burge is very confident that is Paleo Burn fat burner system will help his users to get great results and he offers “no risk” full 60 days money back guarantee for all of his customers.


The Cons


  • Ken Burge has lots of knowledge about the paleo diet lifestyle, however he is not a certified nutritionist or famous health and fitness expert.
  • Some of the information inside the PaleoBurn main guide and the other bonus guides that come with it can be found in other paleo diet programs that we have seen before, it is not completely unique.
  • It seems that there is a lot of hype about Paleo Burn online. This program can absolutely deliver great results, however we didn’t like to see all the exaggerated claims such as “I lost 30 lbs easily in only 2 months with the PaleoBurn diet”. Paleo Burn is not a quick weight loss solution, no matter what people are trying to sell you!
  • Although the fact that Ken Burge tries to make his program as easy to follow as possible you should remember that PaleoBurn is based on the paleo diet idea which involves some lifestyle changes and true dedication on your part.

paleoburn by ken burgeShould You Get The Paleo Burn Fat Burner System?


PaleoBurn by Ken Burge is for you if:


  • You are looking for a detailed paleo diet that will help you to lose weight in a healthy manner and without dangerous drugs or unhealthy foods.
  • You have virtually no experience when it comes to weight loss and you are looking for a healthy fat loss program that is suitable also for beginners.
  • You are looking for a weight loss program that combines nutrition and exercises, and accompanied by useful video tutorials for optimum results.
  • You understand that there are no such things like “quick weight loss fixes” and you are willing to dedicate the required efforts in order get true long term weight loss results.
  • You are looking for a paleo diet program that comes with full refund guarantee from the seller.


PaleoBurn by Ken Burge is not for you if:


  • You are looking for a paleo diet program that was written by one of the most famous health and fitness experts that you always see on the TV.
  • You are looking for a different kind of diet that would be less healthy than Paleo Burn but will deliver faster results (such as Customized Fat Loss).
  • You think that only purchasing the PaleoBurn fat burner system will help you to lose weight without true commitment and some lifestyle changes on your part.

paleoburn reviewsThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe in the concept of the PaleoBurn diet and we think that serious people who are looking for real long term weight loss results instead of quick fixes that only work in the short term will find the PaleoBurn fat burner system to be very helpful for them.

This Paleo diet program is more comprehensive compared to most of the similar programs online and the bonuses that comes with PaleoBurn, especially the “PaleoBurn Workout Videos and Interactive Food List Application”, are fantastic.

With that in mind, we absolutely do NOT think that PaleoBurn is a “perfect paleo diet program” like so many people online claim and there are some things that we really don’t like about this program, such as the exaggerated claims from Ken Burge himself.

In addition, if you think that just purchasing the Paleo Burn program will help you to lose weight, or if you are looking for one of these unhealthy weight loss programs that deliver fast results when harming your health, then PaleoBurn is probably not the right choice for you.

If, however, you are looking for a healthy diet program that has been proved to be effective for many people and offers virtually all the tools and information you need in order to trigger your body to burn more fat naturally, then PaleoBurn is absolutely for you.

These are our thoughts about PaleoBurn and we hope that this review was helpful for you. Please contact us at the contact page if you have more questions regarding the PaleoBurn fat burner program.

All the best!