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If you have heard about the Customized Fat Loss For Men program by Kyle Leon and you try to figure out if this fitness system is really the right one for you then feel free to check our in-depth review below.

On our Customized Fat Loss For Men review you will find exactly what Kyle Leon’s program is all about, how it works, what you can expect to get once you purchase it and which pros and cons this program actually has so you can make a confident decision.

Let’s start and firstly understand better what Customized Fat Loss For Men is all about.

Customized Fat Loss For Men

What Exactly Is The Customized Fat Loss For Men Program?


Created by Kyle Leon, a famous fitness expert and best-selling weight loss author, Customized Fat Loss For Men is a 12 week web-based nutrition and workout system that was created to teach men how to effectively burn belly fat, increase testosterone levels and create a faster metabolism easily and safely.

As the name suggest, the main focus in this program is on customization. Kyle Leon explains that the only way to enjoy impressive fat loss results while preserving lean muscle mass is to follow a program that is customized to your needs, age, height, weight and other factors, or in short your true body type.

To help you understand your true body type Kyle Leon offers step-by-step advice and easy to follow directions that will lead to a precise diagnose. In addition, inside his Customized Fat Loss For Men program he covers many other fat loss topics and some of the main things that you’ll learn inside his main guide include the following:


  • Foods you should eat during those 2 metabolism-enhancing windows you have daily in order to torch more fats and boost your testosterone levels.
  • 4 crucial tricks that are guaranteed to prevent carbs from being stored as body fats.
  • A 30-second trick you should do every single day to spike your testosterone levels by up to 98%.
  • The exact dosage you should take of a crucial nutrient to boost your metabolism.
  • 11 foods you should completely avoid in order to lose more weight fast.
  • 3 revolutionary fat-burning tips and more…


Aside from the Customized Fat Loss For Men main manual, you’ll also get several other complementary components inside this system, including the following:

1. Transformation Tracker – As what the name hints, the Transformation Tracker is used to help you track your progress to ensure that you reach your fitness goals faster.

2. The “Customized Fat Loss Training For Men” component – This 12-week exercise program was designed to be the perfect complement to the main nutrition program.

In this part of the system, Kyle Leon reveals different exercises that are highly recommended especially for men, and several exercises that you should steer clear from because they slow down fat loss in men. In addition, in this part you will also find more than 50 video coaching lessons that will ensure you get the optimum results from each exercise.

3. The “Peak in A Week” manual – This guide will teach you some quick but safe ways to buff up and get amazing abs in just a week. You’ll also learn other important things in this guide such as how to use carbs properly while still working on your problem areas.

This is, in short, what Kyle Leon offers inside his Customized Fat Loss For Men program. For more details about the different components of the program feel free to Check This Page.

Now that you know the basics, let’s proceed and go over the various pros and cons of this fitness system for men.

Customized Fat Loss For Men Review

The Pros And Cons Of Customized Fat Loss For Men


The Pros


Credible Program Creator

Just looking at Kyle Leon’s perfectly chiseled body is enough proof that he knows what he is talking about. But aside from that, the fact that Kyle is a 5-time best-selling weight loss author and the creator of some of the most popular fitness programs on the market in the last few years (including his original Customized Fat Loss program) adds to the credibility of this nutrition and workout program.

Customized Program Made Specifically For Men

According to Kyle Leon and many other fitness experts, most men fail to lose weight because they use generic diets, which are usually more geared toward helping women. So, obviously, they’re not suited for the unique needs of men.

Fortunately, the Customized Fat Loss For Men program was designed only for men and the workout and nutrition strategies shared in this program adjust to your body type, age, height, metabolism and weight in order to produce the best possible results.

Offers Tons Of Delicious Foods

A good nutrition program for men should include lots of healthy fats and calories, and this is what’s great about the Customized Fat Loss For Men system.

With this program you don’t have to starve yourself or limit yourself to a few types of foods since it actually allows you to enjoy tons of tasty and healthy foods that will boost your testosterone levels, metabolic rate and energy levels, without experiencing food cravings, rebound weight gain or workout plateaus.

Made Affordable

Unfortunately, hiring a personal trainer that will build you specific fitness program based on your body type is a very expensive thing these days. The Customized Fat Loss For Men program is maybe not as good as a personal trainer, but it should probably be your next best alternative if you can’t afford one.

Kyle Leon made sure that not only his program offers high level of customization for anyone but it also priced right, so every guy that want to lose weight and achieve a perfectly chiseled body will be able to take advantage of it without draining his bank account.

Clear, Informative And Safe Program

The Customized Fat Loss For Men itself is simple to understand by anyone, and whether you’ve never lifted weights before or worked with a personal fitness trainer your entire life, this program is probably still suited for you.

In addition, there’s very little risk of injury since adequate instructions are provided and the video coaching lessons by Kyle Leon really help a lot in ensuring that all the workouts are done right and safely.

Backed By A 60-Day Refund Guarantee

Kyle Leon is very confident with his Customized Fat Loss For Men system and he promises that if you’re still stuck with your belly fat and flabby arms after using his program, you will get every cent of your money back.

It is also important to mention that this is a real guarantee from a trustable company which allows you to try Kyle Leon’s fitness system risk-free.


The Cons


Discipline And Dedication Required

The Customized Fat Loss For Men system was not created for men who are interested with a “magic weight loss solution” or something like that. This is for men who are willing to invest time, effort and dedication in order to achieve long-term weight loss and Greek-god-like body.

Without these important things, you simply won’t get any results.

Science Behind The Program…

Kyle Leom mentions several times that there are scientific evidences behind the effectiveness of his program. We are not saying it is not true, but we believe that it would have made this program more credible if that information was provided.

Digital Nutrition And Workout Program

The Customized Fat Loss For Men guide and the other components of this program are all formatted in downloadable format only. We personally believe that it would have been nice if Kyle Leon has given his clients the option to purchase a hard-copy version of the complete program, or at least a DVD of the training videos and the main guide.

Customized Fat Loss For Men By Kyle LeonThe Bottom Line

While it’s not the “ultimate fat loss system of all time”, there is no doubt that Customized Fat Loss For Men is a great program that offers many benefits for both newbies and advanced users.

Firstly, we feel comfortable recommending this program because its author has the experience and the body to prove that his methods work. Kyle Leon is one of the most famous names in the fitness industry for a long time and this is a very important advantage in these days while it seems that every day a new fat loss system from persons without real experience in the field is “popping up” online.

Probably, the best thing about this program is that it is very different than all the workout and nutrition programs out there that target men, which often give one-size-fits-all strategies, tips, and tricks. The Customized Fat Loss For Men program is completely flexible and can be tailored to your unique needs, metabolism, height, age, weight and physical built, which ensure much better results.

We also really liked the video coaching lessons from Kyle Leon that make it a lot faster to learn every workout and to ensure you do it right and on the safe side (because you can see how each exercise technique should be done).

With all that said, Customized Fat Loss For Men is not a perfect program and it is not for every guy.

Firstly, we believe that to make this program better – and more credible – Kyle Leon should consider revising it to include information about the science behind his program. It would also be great if clients could have the option to buy a hard copy version of the Customized Fat Loss For Men system instead of digital version only.

More important, you must understand that if you want instant solutions or if you’re not interested to work hard and to invest a portion of your time daily to follow this program, then Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss For Men may not be for you.

You can’t do this only whenever you feel like it, and you must train yourself to be consistent in your efforts in order to maximize the benefits of this program. If you think that the results will come without these things then you should not spend your money on this program.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a highly customizable workout and nutrition program that was created specifically for men in order to get permanent results without giving up flavorful foods or spending hours in the gym, then the Customized Fat Loss For Men program is a great option for you.

Moreover, the price of this program is really affordable and with the 60-day full money back guarantee which allows you to test the program without any risk we don’t see any reason not to go and give Kyle Leon’s system a try…

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Well, this is all we have to say in this Customized Fat Loss For Men review. We hope you find the information here useful and we wish the best!

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