If you heard about Eating For Energy by Yuri Elkaim and you wonder if this raw food diet program is really for you then continue reading and discover the real truth about Yuri Elkaim’s diet program.

In this Eating For Energy review you will learn what the Eating For Energy program is all about, what you will receive when buying this product, what are the bad and good things about this diet program and even more important, you will realize if Yuri Elkaim’s Eating For Energy system is really the best solution for your condition or not.

Please remember that this is only our personal review about Eating For Energy which is mainly based on our own experience with the program. If you are trying to find the official website of Eating For Energy or if you want to get the this system from Yuri Elkaim at the lowest price available online then simply click here now to enjoy limited time special trial offer for the complete program.

Now, let’s start with the basics and firstly understand what Eating For Energy is all about.

Eating For EnergyWhat Is Eating For Energy?


Created by Yuri Elkaim, a registered kinesiologist, certified Holistic Nutritionist, famous personal trainer and a raw food specialist, Eating for Energy can be best described as a unique introductory program that covers the raw food diet idea thoroughly and offers the user a complete energy-boosting raw food diet solution.

Unlike most of the weight loss programs that we reviewed here before, Eating For Energy is not just about counting calories and burning your stubborn fat but actually it is much more about making the right food choices in order to boost your energy, improve your vitality, lose fat and treat a variety of diseases.

In order to achieve these goals Yuri Elkaim offers a very comprehensive package that takes you hand by hand from the very basics of whole foods to the best raw food meal plans and listed below are the main components that you will find inside the Eating for Energy program.


What Is Included Inside The Eating For Energy Program:


  • The “Eating for Energy Main Guide” that comes with lifetime updates and contains all the information, scientific details and expert advice about raw foods and their many health benefits.
  • The “Nutrition for Athletes Report” that talks about the foods that you need to eat before, during, and after your training sessions for optimal performance and recovery.
  • The “12-Week Meal Plan Guide” that gives you the exact meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the first 3 months of the program in a very nicely organized format.
  • The “Healthy Recipe Guide” that contains over 100 tasty, energizing and healthy raw food recipes that you can make in only 5-10 minutes, something that can be extremely helpful if you have a busy schedule.
  • The “Smoothie and Juice Guide” that covers several topics regarding juices and smoothies and provides more than 40 easy to make recipes for the most recommended juices and smoothies that can be done cheaply and quickly.
  • The “Tele-Seminars And Interview package” that comes in mp3 format and contains three Tele-seminars and one interview about different topics such as weight loss, detox and alkalinity with some of the most famous experts in the industry.
  • The “Weekly Research Updates” and the “Personalized Support Emails” that were designed to keep you motivated during the Eating for Energy program and to give you the latest discoveries in the field of raw foods and healthy nutrition for optimum results.
  • The “5 Day Rapid Results Blueprint Guide” which is like a quick start guide that gives you several tips and instructions on how to use the Eating for Energy program to get the best results quickly as possible.

Eating For Energy  yuri elkaim
The Pros And Cons Of Eating For Energy


The Pros


  • Eating For Energy is probably the most complete raw food diet program that you will find online.
  • The recommended foods inside Eating For Energy don’t require any fancy cooking techniques and almost all of the recipes that Yuri Elkaim teaches are easy to prepare and very tasty.
  • The Eating For Energy program offers healthy lifestyle for a long term health and fitness benefits and not just short fat loss results or something like that. In addition, Yuri Elkaim’s program will also help you to strengthen your body’s natural resistance to different diseases.
  • We must admit that we really like the way Yuri Elkaim designed his program. There is a great relation between the different components of the Eating For Energy package and we especially like the fact that you get step by step instructions all the way from the very beginning which combined with great audio recordings from Yuri itself that will make you much more motivated during the program.
  • The program is based on many scientific researches, however unlike most of the weight loss and nutrition programs online that usually include scientific data just to look more “intelligent”, Yuri Elkaim uses the science to explain his main concepts in simple and easy to understand words.
  • Excellent customer support from Yuri Elkaim and the Eating For Energy support team that answers our two inquiries in less than 36 hours.
  • The Eating For Energy program is available in both digital and physical edition so you can choose the edition you want based on your own preferences.
  • Yuri Elkaim is very confident about the results you will get with his Eating For Energy program and he offers full money back guarantee to the complete package, which makes Eating For Energy a risk free program.


The Cons


  • Eating For Energy is based on the raw food diet idea and it promotes healthy nutrition which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. If you eat unhealthy foods on a regular basis like most people and especially if you are a real “meat lover” then keep in mind that the transition might be pretty hard for you because lots of adjustments will be required on your part.
  • By following the Eating For Energy program you will probably find yourself visiting the grocery or supermarket more often in order to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. This thing might be hard for people who have very busy schedules.
  • Most of the foods that Yuri Elkaim recommends inside the Eating For Energy main guide are really easy to get, however there are also some items that can be found only at special health stores which will require more efforts in order to get them.
  • Inside the Eating For Energy program you will find some information regarding exercises (especially inside the “Nutrition for Athletes Report”), however this program focuses on healthy nutrition and it is not a complete weight loss program that combines nutrition advice with fat burning workouts.

Eating For Energy reviews
Should You Get The Eating For Energy Program?


Eating For Energy by Yuri Elkaim is for you if:


  • You are looking for one of the most complete raw food diet programs ever created that comes with step by step directions and easy to follow advice for both beginners and advanced users.
  • You are looking for tasty raw food diet recipes which are easy to prepare and doesn’t require special cooking skills.
  • You are looking for a complete health & fitness solution for the long term and not for quick weight loss fix to lose few pounds as soon as possible.
  • You are looking for a healthy program that was created by a real raw food specialist and is based on scientific researches.
  • Customer support is something that is really important for you and you want to have the ability to get answers for your questions in a very short time.
  • You are looking for a risk free raw food diet program that comes with money back guarantee and is completely safe.


Eating For Energy by Yuri Elkaim is not for you if:


  • You think that Eating For Energy is a quick fix solution that will give you amazing results without hard work and lots of commitment on your part.
  • You are a very busy person and you don’t think that you will have time for cooking at all.
  • Your main goal is to lose weight fast and not to achieve overall health improvement. If this is your case then there are more recommended solutions to you such as Metabolic Cooking.
  • You are looking for a healthy nutrition program that also comes with complete workout program.

Eating For Energy book
The Bottom Line

When we look at all of the raw food diet programs available online these days there is no doubt that Eating For Energy is one of most solid and comprehensive systems you will probably find.

This is absolutely a great product for both beginners who just starting their way in the raw food world and advanced users who want to get the best results from their diet and raw food lifestyle.

Moreover, Yuri Elkaim really did a great work with his program and in terms of value for money we don’t believe that you will find a better option than Eating For Energy when it comes to raw food diets.

Having said that, we also must admit that changing the lifestyle from a “regular unhealthy” one to the Eating For Energy lifestyle is not easy and real efforts and dedication will be required. If you think that only purchasing the Eating For Energy program will give you the desired results then you have a big mistake and we will not recommend Yuri Elkaim’s program for you.

On the flip side, if you are serious about changing your current lifestyle and enjoying the benefits of raw food life, such as losing stubborn fat, boosting your energy levels, treating chronic allergies and strengthening your immune system, then there is no doubt that Eating For Energy should be your first pick.

The money back guarantee from Yuri Elkaim, together with the great customer support that he offers, make his Eating For Energy system a risk free one which allows anyone, including you, to try it completely safely even today!

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We hope that our Eating For Energy review was helpful for you.

Like always, feel free to contact us if you have any question about Yuri Elkaim’s system or about our other weight loss program reviews.

P.S below is a nice video from Yuri Elkaim about the best energy foods that can give you all-day energy, check it out if you want…

Have a great day and all the best!