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Paleo Restart Program

Paleo Restart Program by Sébastien Noël – Real Review


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If you heard about the Paleo Restart Program by Sébastien Noël and you wonder if this is the answer for your personal needs, then you are very welcome to check our Paleo Restart review.

On this review you will find exactly what the Paleo Restart Program can offer you, which components it includes and also to read about its different pros and cons.

Firstly, let’s focus on the basics…

Paleo Restart Program

What Exactly Is The Paleo Restart Program?


Created by Sébastien Noël, an author and the creator of the, the Paleo Restart Program was created to provide you with all the tools and information you need to start a Paleo diet, lose weight, and adopt the right habits for good health.

According to Sébastien, the main problem with the Paleo diet is that most people find it difficult to stick to it. That’s why he came up with this 30-day course, which provides you with the right tools and tips in order to shed your extra weight, boost your energy levels, sleep better every night, and reset your digestion and entire body.

You must be wondering why thirty days. Well, Sébastien offers an explanation…

He says that our intestinal cells require at least twenty-one days in order to produce new and healthy cells, and to fight off any existing inflammation in the body. The one month period is necessary to feed those body cells with the appropriate raw foods (or Primal foods) that will help rid the body of toxic materials. It’s also believed that it takes this amount of time to beat your cravings, increase your knowledge, and eliminate your bad habits.

So, what can you expect to get once you purchase the Paleo Restart Program? Well, in a nutshell, here are some of the main things included:

  • Your private dashboard – Your user-friendly dashboard will give you access to ‘Your Badges & Points’, daily tips, meals and shopping list for the entire week, menu for the day, and your ‘Activity & Lifestyle.’
  • Daily Meal Plans – Whipping up Paleo meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is made easier with the help of this meal guide.
  • Your Journal – As you may have already guessed, this will help you record your daily progress and post pictures of your Paleo meal for the day.
  • Shopping Lists – With this at your disposal, your grocery shopping would be a breeze.
  • Paleo Restart Cookbook – This 187-page cookbook contains various delicious, low-cost, and simple recipes that are complemented by high-quality pictures.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more about the different components, kindly visit this page on the official website of the Paleo Restart Program. Now, let’s discuss each of the pros and cons of this program…

Paleo Restart Sébastien Noël

The Pros And Cons Of The Paleo Restart Program


The Pros


Benefits The Entire Family

The great thing about the Paleo Restart Program is it’s not only suited for one person, but it’s also great for a family composed of up to four members. If your entire family is into the Paleo diet, too, it won’t be so hard to stick to it. It could even make the whole experience fun.

A Beginner-Proof Program

We believe you won’t get lost in this program, even if you’re a complete newbie to the Paleo diet. Sébastien Noël has provided all the necessary information and steps, so you can reach your milestones without exerting much effort. You have your private dashboard, shopping lists, weekly meal plans, activity and lifestyle tips, recipe books, and other tools to help you track your progress.

Restart The Program As Many Times As You Want

Well, it is a 30-day program, but you don’t really have to stop after 30 days. You’re free to do different 30-day Restarts, even if it’s already the third time you’re doing it. You can still reuse the tools provided by Sébastien. However, you’ll have to use the same meal plans and information.

Offers Different Benefits

Paleo Restart is not just for shedding off the extra weight. It also helps you gain more energy, have beautiful skin, get better sleep, manage well your stress levels, and reduce body inflammation.

Special Meal Plans Available

Food allergies and intolerances are not even enough reasons for you not to take advantage of this program. For instance, if you’re allergic to eggs or nuts, you’ll have access to a special meal plan, so you can still follow the Paleo Restart Program and reap its benefits.

100% Refund Guaranteed Within 60 Days

The presence of this kind of guarantee is always something potential customers, perhaps like you, look for. Fortunately, Sébastien has this in place. With that said, as far as we know, most of the people who bought the Paleo Restart Program are very satisfied with it.


The Cons


Detailed Information On Why Paleo Diet Is Beneficial

Since this program is based on the Paleo diet, it would have been great if Sébastien Noël provided more information on why it’s a good diet to start. This is really not a deal breaker, but it would have helped convince potential customers to buy this program.

Difficulties In Adopting A New Diet

We’re not going to lie that the transition from a standard diet to the Paleo diet is going to be a piece of cake. It’s pretty understandable that you’re going to undergo an adjustment period. And the temptation to give up and resume your usual unhealthy diet is always going to be there.

Sold Only Online

The Paleo Restart Program is a digitally formatted program that can only be viewed using a compatible device (PC, Mac, Android phone, iPad, iPhone, etc.). The big downside is people who don’t have or have slow Internet connection won’t be able to take advantage of this program…

Paleo Restart review
The Bottom Line

We personally believe the Paleo Restart Program is a must-have, whether for newbie or seasoned Paleo dieters.

The great thing about this program is you don’t have to do it alone. You can involve your family or friends, too. As any experts and non-experts would agree, it’s easier to stick to a diet or workout when you have others to support you.

The Paleo Restart Program also takes a whole body approach. It’s not only concerned with helping you lose weight or make you look good. It also helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle and the right habits. And it’s not going to be very difficult to do that because Sébastien has given you everything he knows and all the tools you need to hit each milestone you’ve set for yourself.

Another thing that’s great about this program is it caters to the unique needs of people, like those with known allergies to foods included in the Paleo diet…

With that said, the Paleo Restart Program is not for everyone.

If you’re closed to the idea of giving up your current diet, if you don’t exert patience and effort, or if you simply don’t have a fast or reliable Internet connection, then the Paleo Restart 30-day Program may not be for you…

On the other hand, if you’ve tried almost all diet programs out there and failed to get permanent results, or if you are looking for a step-by-step program that contains all the tools you need to help you stick to the Paleo Diet for good, then the Paleo Restart course is a great option for you.

Overall, the cons of the Paleo Restart Program don’t outweigh its pros. And so far, there are no negative feedbacks or scam alerts raised against this program.

The bottom line: We will recommend taking this program for a test drive for at least a month. If for any reason you don’t like it at all, simply contact Sébastien to get every penny you spent back…

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Well, this is it for this review of the Paleo Restart Program by Sébastien Noël. We are really hoping we have helped you decide whether to purchase this product or not… Good luck!

Chris and Jordan

fat-burning chef

The Fat Burning Chef By Abel James – Full And Honest Review


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If you heard about the Fat-Burning Chef by Abel James and you wonder if this cookbook worth your money or not then read on and discover everything that you need to know about the Fat-Burning Chef cookbook before purchasing it.

In our Fat-Burning Chef review you will learn about the pros and cons of Abel James’ cookbook, discover what you will find inside and understand much better if this product is actually the right pick for you or not.

In addition, if you have found our Fat Burning Chef review when searching online for discount for Abel James’ cookbook then you can click here to get the complete Fat-Burning Chef system with all the bonuses and 100% money back guarantee at limited time very special price…

Without further ado, let’s start by taking a look at the basics of the Fat-Burning Chef cookbook and the main sections that you will find inside.

fat-burning chef

What Is The Fat-Burning Chef?


Created by Abel James, a best-selling author, health & fitness expert, and the founder of the Fat-Burning Man Show that was ranked as the #1 most popular health podcast in the US and UK over the last two years, the Fat-Burning Chef can be best described as a Paleo recipes cookbook and guide that features the best dishes from the top Paleo chefs in the world and offers the user a unique opportunity to enjoy the “best of the best” paleo recipes in one single cookbook.

The Fat-Burning Chef guide covers everything that you need to know in order to enjoy the best dishes and this guide can be divided into three main sections as described below:

Section 1 – Stocking a Paleo Kitchen

Abel James starts his guide with a short introduction and advice on the things that you should do in order to stock a paleo kitchen. In this section you will find lots of useful tips and here Abel covers all the necessary items, tools and finest ingredients that you will want to have in order to get the best results from his cookbook when you will start making the recipes inside.

Section 2 – The Recipes

This section is actually the core of the Fat Burning Chef cookbook. Here you will find over 150 Paleo recipes covering all angles from breakfasts to dinners, appetizers to desserts, snacks, soups and pretty much anything else that you will want to have in your Paleo menu.

Each one of the recipes inside the Fat-Burning Chef cookbook comes with a detailed list of ingredients and easy to follow instructions, including images of the final product, which make it very easy to understand how to make every recipe like a pro.

Section 3 – Meet The Chefs

In the last section you will find some information about the chefs that contributed their recipes in order to create this unique Paleo cookbook. Here you will see how each one of them looks like, understand more about their Paleo background and find some useful links to their official websites.

You probably won’t need any other Paleo resources, however we believe that it is still nice to know a bit more about the people that are responsible for this cookbook.

These are in short the main sections of Abel James’ cookbook, however the Fat Burning Chef is more than just a cookbook and in order to understand better if this product from Abel James is actually for you, let’s talk about the pros & cons of the Fat-Burning Chef…

Fat-Burning Chef Abel James

The Pros And Cons Of The Fat-Burning Chef


The Pros


  • Great program for both Paleo diet veterans that want to enhance their current Paleo lifestyle practice and newbies who want to try Paleo dieting and are looking for great Paleo dishes and easy-to-understand details.
  • The recipes inside the Fat Burning Chef cookbook were created by not one or two people, but by several Paleo dieting “all stars” which give you a unique opportunity to enjoy super delicious and diverse recipes in a single cookbook.
  • Unlike many paleo cookbooks that focus on only few kinds of foods, the Fat-Burning Chef covers a wide range of categories such as breakfast, different meats, desserts, snacks, sides, soups, appetizers and more.
  • Inside the Fat-Burning Chef cookbook Abel James also included estimated preparation time for any recipe, as well as recommended number of servings. These are two things that many cookbooks lack which are very handy in our opinion.
  • Like we said before, the Fat-Burning Chef is more than just a cookbook and when purchasing the main cookbook you also get few useful bonus items. We particularly liked the video coaching bonus from Abel James and appreciate the second Fat-Burning Chef copy license that you can give to a good friend or one of your family members.
  • With over 150 quality Paleo recipes and easy to follow instructions, the Fat-Burning Chef offers great value for money compared to other paleo cookbooks online.
  • Great customer support with two inquires that were responded in less than 24 hours each.
  • Full money-back guarantee for 60 days is included when purchasing the Fat-Burning Chef, which actually makes Abel James’ product 100% risk free.


The Cons


  • While Abel James gives some general info about the Paleo dieting in his cookbook, he doesn’t talk about the health benefits of this diet which is a bit disappointing. We personally believe that a short section about the Paleo diet can be a great addition to the cookbook, especially for newbies that just start with Paleo dieting.
  • As with many other products that we reviewed here (such as the 4 Cycle Solution), the Fat-Burning Chef is available only in digital format which means you can’t buy it in hard cover version at stores. You can still print all the recipes at home with no problem if you want to.
  • In our opinion there are too many “optional references” to external resources and websites inside the Fat Burning Chef main cookbook, especially in the last section about the chefs behind this book. These links will work with no problem if you are online, however they won’t work for you if you will use a printed version of this cookbook.

fat-burning chef cookbook guaranteeShould You Get The Fat-Burning Chef?


The Fat-Burning Chef is for you if:


  • You are a Paleo diet veteran and you are looking for a complete cookbook to enhance your current Paleo diet.
  • You are a newbie who want to try Paleo dieting and you are looking for a user-friendly Paleo cookbook and guide.
  • You are looking for a paleo cookbook that contains some of the best recipes ever created by several Paleo dieting “all stars” and not just one.
  • You are looking for a cookbook that covers a wide range of foods and not only few food categories.
  • You are looking for a complete “paleo system” that contains several bonus guides and video coaching, and not only one cookbook.
  • You are looking for a step-by-step paleo cookbook that comes with 100% money back guarantee.


The Fat-Burning Chef is not for you if:


  • You are looking for a comprehensive guide about Paleo dieting that explains the concepts and the health benefits of this diet in details.
  • You are looking for one of these paleo cookbooks online that cost less than $10 and provide some general recipes and that’s it.

fat burning chef reviewThe Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that the Fat Burning Chef by Abel James is one of the most amazing paleo cookbooks ever created and we were really impressed with all the info and recipes that it contains.

Abel James and his colleagues really did a great job with this product and we really like the combination between great recipes, beautiful presentation, well-explained preparation procedures and logical program flow that the Fat-Burning Chef program offers.

With that said, the Fat-Burning Chef is not for everyone.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide that will explains you everything that you need to know about paleo dieting, or if you simply want to get a basic cookbook with some general recipes, then the Fat-Burning Chef is probably not for you and there are some better guides for you online.

On the other hand, if you are a Paleo diet veteran and you want to enhance your current Paleo diet with some amazing new dishes, or if you are a newbie who looks for detailed yet easy-to-follow cookbook to get started, then Abel James’ Fat-Burning Chef can absolutely be a great investment for you.

The Fat Burning Chef does have some flaws as explained above, however they are all negligible and do not really affect the awesomeness of this product.

Moreover, with the great bonus items, full money back guarantee and limited time special price, the Fat Burning Chef system is affordable than ever and if you want you can actually start enjoying all of the amazing paleo dishes inside with no risk today…

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We hope that our Fat-Burning Chef review was useful for you.

For any questions regarding Abel James’ cookbook feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

All the best!

Chris and Jordan

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