If you heard of the Bodyweight Burn System by Adam Steer and you wonder if this fitness program is a good choice for your personal needs or not, then keep reading and discover everything you need to know to make a wise decision.

On this Bodyweight Burn System review we will explain to you what Adam Steer’s program contains, how it works and what the major pros and cons of his system are so you can understand much better if the Bodyweight Burn program is really FOR YOU or not.

Let’s start with the basics and cover the main concepts behind the Bodyweight Burn System.

Bodyweight Burn System

What Exactly Is The Bodyweight Burn System?


Created by Adam Steer, a certified MAT Lower Body Specialist,AKC Coach Biosignature, NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3 and a very famous fitness expert, the Bodyweight Burn System was especially designed to teach people how to melt 21 pounds of fats and get leaner bodies by using three main methods which don’t require any gym equipment and can be done in just about 21 minutes a day for 12 weeks.

There are actually three essential elements to this fitness system and here is a short description about each of them:


This is Adam Steer’s version of the traditional cardio workout and his “secret weapon” to speedy fat loss. This is a string of fun and intense bodyweight exercises that will condition your body to use fats as its main energy source without exposing you to injuries (due to repetitive stress) and effects of cortisol, a fattening hormone.


Here you’ll learn effective interval workouts that’ll make your body a fat-burning machine even up to 38 hours after your last workout. This phenomenon is what Adam Steer calls the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) effect.

Metabolic-Muscle Sessions

This element focuses on building calorie-burning muscles. As you might know, muscles are vital for long-term weight loss because they use calories when you’re not moving and more when you move your body. They also boost your insulin sensitivity to speed up weight loss and that’s why Adam Steer gives lots of attention to them in his system.

The Bodyweight Burn program is divided into two different stages. Each stage is done within six weeks and the difference between the two stages is that the second stage is composed mainly of Afterburners and Metabolic-Muscle Sessions, no Cardioflow workouts.

And since weight loss is not just about exercising, Adam Steer also includes a complete nutritional plan inside his Bodyweight Burn system. His nutritional guide shares “forbidden foods” that actually promote weight loss and strategies for combining the proper kinds of foods at the proper times and proportions while using the most effective workouts.

Once you purchase the Bodyweight Burn System you are going to get lots of components. We will not cover all of these components on our review because you can find all the details about them At This Page, however in a few words you can expect to get hold of the following items:


  • The BW3 Workout™ System – shares must-know information about rapid fat loss.
  • The BW3 Exercise – includes a whole collection of still photos and written prompts for each workout in this system.
  • The Carb-Synch Diet™ System – A simple and easy-to-understand nutritional guide that will teach you what types of carbs produce weight loss, including five diet days.
  • My Workouts – a customized and printable journal logs that are perfect for tracking your progress and to help you stay motivated.
  • Exercise Instruction –detailed video tutorials of the exercises included in the Bodyweight Burn System so you can feel assured that you’re doing everything right and safely.
  • Wall Charts for monitoring your workout and improvements.


This is, in short, a general view of what you can expect from the Bodyweight Burn System. However, to help you decide whether this program by Adam Steer is really for you or not, let’s go over its pros and cons.


Bodyweight Burn Review

The Pros And Cons Of The Bodyweight Burn System


The Pros


Designed By A Certified Weight Loss And Fitness Specialist

If you’re not familiar who Adam Steer is, well, he’s really popular in the fitness industry for his body-weight-only kind of training and other popular fitness programs, like the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss and Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

Besides, if you can look at Adam’s body, you pretty much get the idea that he lives and breathes what he’s preaching. So, unlike many other fitness programs online these days, there is no doubt that the Bodyweight Burn System comes from a person that can be fully trusted.

Eat Whatever You Want

Adam Steer recognizes the importance of food in getting fit. However, he didn’t design this program to deprive you of carbs and other foods you love to eat. The only thing you have to keep in mind is not to overeat.

Do The Exercises Anywhere And Anytime

Whether you’re out of town living in a hotel room or stuck in the office, you can conveniently insert the Bodyweight Burn System into your schedule. You only need to dedicate 21 minutes of your time to get the results you want in as fast as 12 weeks.

Enables Your Body To Burn Calories Hours After A Workout

Another great thing about this program is that it takes advantage of the effect of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which conditions your body to burn fats for 24 to 38 hours after each workout session, so you can sit and watch your favorite show and still continue burning fat.

Great Bonus Items Are Included

Right now the Bodyweight Burn System is offered together with seven bonus items that include different guides and video tutorials. However, unlike many other weight loss programs that come with useless bonus items just to make the program “more comprehensive”, the bonus items that Adam Steer provides offer real and valuable information.

Some of the bonus items that we like the most are the guide that will show you what supplements you should buy and avoid, the “Bodyweight Burn 10-in-12 Diet Program” that details how your body can effectively and safely lose the most amount of weight in just 14 days, and the handy list that will teach you what you need before delving into this program.

Can Be Done By Almost Anyone

Age or fitness status is not a factor when planning to use this program and you can use the Bodyweight Burn system even if you’re a total newbie to exercising. Just start out slow before progressing to more intense exercises in the program.

Can Be Integrated To a Pre-Existing Workout Program

Are you in the middle of an exercise program? No problem. In his “BW3 Workout System Integration Guide” (bonus item) Adam will show you exactly how to use the Bodyweight Burn System exercises and nutrition plan with any program you’re already using.

Get Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied

If you don’t get the results you want or don’t like what you learn, you can get a full refund of your money within 60 days. This refund guarantee comes from a trusted company and it allows you to try the Bodyweight Burn program without any risk.


The Cons


Not For Buffing Up

If you plan to use Adam Steer’s program to build serious muscles then you may be disappointed. The Bodyweight Burn System was not designed for this goal and while it will make your body build some muscles, this is more geared towards burning fats and getting a toned and lean body than becoming buff.

“Cardioflow” May Be More Appealing To Women Than Men

The Cardioflow workouts are milder (compared to Afterburner workouts) in the sense that they allow your muscles to get some rest.

This doesn’t really affect the effectiveness of the Cardioflow system and it’s more of a personal preference, however we believe that this is something worth a mention.

Only Offered In Digital Format

All the content inside the Bodyweight Burn program is released in PDF and video formats, and the program can be purchased only online. If you like the look and feel of a “traditional book” or don’t like purchasing products online, Adam Steer’s program may not be for you.


Adam Steer Bodyweight BurnThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Bodyweight Burn System by Adam Steer provides great value for its relatively low price.

This program really covers everything you need to know to lose weight and get lean without requiring you to undergo a restrictive diet or use any equipment, and we especially like the fact that the exercises were developed by someone who’s duly certified and can be done in just 21 minutes a day to get real results.

In addition, the fact that you can eat whatever you want, to do the exercises anytime and anywhere you prefer and to continue burn off calories for up to 38 hours after each session while resuming your normal activities, make the Bodyweight Burn System a very flexible program that can fit many people with different schedules very easily.

With that said, the Bodyweight Burn System is not for everyone.

If you want something that will help you bulk up and build a lot of muscles, then the Bodyweight Burn System may not be for you. In addition, if you think that Adam Steer’s program is some kind of a “magic solution” and only purchasing his system will give you great results then we won’t recommend you getting this program.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a fitness program that will teach you how to get rid of unwanted fats and get a leaner body in just a short span of time, and you are ready to put in some real efforts to make it happen then the Bodyweight Burn System can be absolutely a great option for you.

Moreover, if you don’t find it useful or effective you can always avail of the 60-day money back guarantee, so actually you have nothing to lose…

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Well, that’s all for this Bodyweight Burn System review.

We hope you have found this post informative and we wish you good luck in melting those pesky fats for good!